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Maria Muldaur Interview w/ Doug Daller - Stream or Download

by Doug Daller

Maria Muldaur Midnight at the Oasis songstress Maria Muldaur is interviewed by Doug Daller on thisNaughty, Bawdy and Blue special installment of In Depth. Her new release "Naughty, Bawdy and Blue" is due out May 15th. We'll be previewing songs from this release and talking to Maria about her last record that went to the top of the Billboard blues charts and remained there for 7-8 weeks.

She will be performing with the Syncopated Papas right here in Fairfield at the Morning Star Tuesday night, May 1st.

Maria says don't forget to bring your dancing shoes.

Naughty, bawdy and blue indeed.

50 Years of Piano Playing Celebrating Doug Daller's Birthday Saturday Night

by Doug Daller

Live on KRUU from Café Paradiso, 8 to midnight Saturday night

A Fistful of Daller's

Saturday night, April 21, at Café Paradiso I'll be celebrating 50 years of playing piano. Since it's my birthday party, I get to choose all the music (which I get to do on my regular Saturday night show, "A Fistful of Daller's"!) I'll be indulging in the greatest rock 'n' roll from the heyday of the 60's until today by bands I've played with, opened for, whose concerts I've attended, rock'd and roll'd with, danced to, and played for 5 decades! And we'll have surprise live music at my whim. Tune in for the first live party broadcast on KRUU.

The Real History of Rock 'N' Roll From The Daller Family - 1950's to Today

by Doug Daller 45s

This Saturday we'll have generations of A Fistful of Dallers' music. The first KRUU live feed from Café Paradiso, 8-10pm, will feature Adrien Daller singing accompanied by her brother Dain Daller on synthesized tracks, and by me, Doug Daller on piano.

Then my KRUU show, A Fistful of Daller's, 10-12pm, will feature the history of rock 'n' roll in the Daller family. My oldest brother, Bill Daller, will bring in his collection of the first 45 records in the Daller household. This, and AM radio in Detroit, is how my brothers and I got introduced to rock 'n' roll when it first began in the early 1950's.