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Doug Daller
Doug Daller conducting big band

Doug plays anything on a piano or plays on anything with a keyboard from a Hammond B3 in a blues band, a pipe organ in a cathedral, a synthesizer in a rock band to a computer. Born in Detroit, raised on Motown, the '60's and Woodstock as well as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Chopin, educated at University of Michigan, Doug believes enjoying music is not primarily playing the right notes, but playing music with feeling. Doug remembers Motown first hand: "As a teenager I was fortunate to be in the 'Snakepit' at Hitsville, the famous recording studio when the Motown hits were being recorded. I used to deliver newspapers to Marvin Gaye and one of the Four Tops, and Aretha's father's gospel church where she began was right down the street from my neighborhood. I was moved by the music scene in Detroit from just about infancy. Now creating shows finding so much depth and power and passion in the music is incredibly satisfying.

Doug Daller
Doug Daller

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