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- Singing as a spiritual practice

I had a singing audition after a few months with Doug. The director commented: 'Wow! Have you been taking voice lessons?'

Andrew Edlin



The northeast corner Tomato tower with three Tomato plants. The left one is Black Krim. On the right, northeast corner is the Shiso/Perilla/Beefsteak plant. In front of the Tomatoes is lots of Cinnamon Basil. Throughout the garden is lots of Basil, most of which is Cinnamon Basil that Katie grew from seed. To the left of the Tomatoes is a purple Basil, a Greek Basil that is a cute little globe, and then to its left, another type of purple Basil. To the left of the Black Krim Tomato is one Kale plant, and to its left are two Tobacco plants that were to draw caterpillars away from the Broccoli and Kale, but nobody has had a bite, the caterpillars preferring the Kale and Broccoli leaves. One dusting of Bacillus thuringensis (BT) eliminated the caterpillars.